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TIPS to visit Central Park in family


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Route available in the Family Way book in NYC


Weather indicator: EXCLUSIVELY

Duration: approx 1.5 HOURS




main theme: A PARK DESIGNED AS
    A work OF ART


Central PARK ROUTE WITH YOur family

Welcome to Central Park!

Through this route, you will visit an emblem of the city of New York.

A superb place for a nice stroll, Central Park can also be appreciated as a work of art

In addition to the walk that can be done there, Central Park can be appreciated like a work of art and can be visited like a monument. Designed from scratch, everything has been thought of to give New Yorkers a place of distraction and escape.

This course will also be an opportunity to have fun, in particular thanks to a secret carried by the lampposts illuminating the park. Finally, you will of course have the opportunity to recognize some famous locations.

Masquotte Family Way peintre
plan central park en Famille


at central PARK

No need for a map to locate yourself in Central Park? Locate yourself thanks to the codes on the streetlights.

Masquotte Family Way Central Park
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Testimony of a family after a visit to central park

How to rediscover New York CITY?

"J’ai réalisé le parcours de Central Park avec mes petits fils...

A la fois une redécouverte et l’occasion de profiter de cet immense parc, de découvrir l’histoire de ce lieu, des endroits insolites que je n’imaginais même pas, de flâner dans les allées  sous les arbres et le long des étangs, dans la bonne humeur et l’excitation des enfants à trouver les réponses et résoudre les énigmes. 

Soyez certains que je recommencerai avec mes autres petits enfants... c’est un moment de bonheur familial..."

                                            Anne - une grand mére

"I did the Central Park course with my grandsons...

At the same time a rediscovery and the opportunity to enjoy this immense park, to discover the history of this place, unusual places that I didn't even imagine, to stroll in the alleys under the trees and along the ponds, in the good mood and the excitement of the children to find the answers and solve the enigmas. 

Rest assured that I will do it again with my other grandchildren... it's a moment of family happiness...".


                                            Anne - a great mother

Masquotte Family Way NYC

IF you want to stay
longer in
the district and benefit from additional addresses

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other family activities offered by family way
in central park


lampadaires de Central Park

Find your way around Central Park thanks to the codes on the streetlights ? Indeed, a numbering system was devised in 1907 by Henry Bacon to make it easier for employees to locate lamps. Today, these codes can be used to locate you. Take up the challenge of the month to learn more about this numbering and discover one of the most wonderful places in the Park. 

sculptures central park

On the occasion of Bastille Day (July 14th holiday), find works made by French people in New York . This is located in Central Park. It is a bronze sculpture representing an American symbol.

Again, you can help yourself from the lamp post located nearby.

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