The family way concept



Family trips are one of the highlights of the year. This is the opportunity we are all waiting for to break from everyday life, discover new horizons, and marvel together.

How about visiting the world with the kids?

"Family Way" offers you a solution to visit this fascinating city together:

1 guide for the whole family

Thanks to routes, marked out with unmissable stops and little secrets of local life, you will crisscross the city in a fun way but each time bringing a unique opportunity to learn more about its history, its architecture, its way of life. and of course not to leave without the essential information.

to have fun together
explore the city


Leave with family memories

discover the city, its
history, its highlights


Leave with joy
family memories

Structure of the treasure hunts 




Each treasure hunt is made up of stages. Then, each stage is made up of 3 or 4 parts:








Each route starts with a meeting place with the geographical indications to reach it. Whatever happens, I promise, you'll get to your destination.
A game is then offered. The objective is to have fun but also to give you the opportunity to explore the city to discover certain characteristics and thus get to know it better.
A "do you know" for the whole family! Each stage will be an opportunity to learn more about the city, its history, its architecture and the way of life (food truck, sport, metro, etc.). Thus, you will not leave without the essential information. It can be read during the visit or after.

A Fun fact to learn something fun about the city or its inhabitants (sometimes in the form of a video accessible via a QR code).

A photo challenge within each course: the Family selfie. It is first of all the opportunity to take a family selfie in a typical place and to keep a memory of this outing together. It is also the opportunity to participate in a competition.


1 guide for the whole family


An enigma and a reward to be won at the end of each course

Throughout the different stages, thanks to your answers, you will obtain letters that will help you solve a final puzzle. The goal is to solve it as a family. You can do this at the end of the visit or a little after.

Once you've found it, head over to the site to enter your answer and get your reward.



Mom of 3, arrived in New York a few years ago, I looked for a fun and captivating way to visit this city with the family.

New York fascinated me more every day. Compass in one hand, detailed map in the other, I prepared my certification as a city guide in order to embark on this new adventure.

Fan of road trips mixing young and old, keen on projects to achieve, I used my 15 years of professional experience to imagine and give birth to this guide, in which I slipped all my love for NYC.

The conception of this work was, moreover, the occasion to make many meetings as fascinating as enriching.

Dear families, I hope you enjoy using my guide as much as I did designing it.

Raphaëlle GRELIER

0 The people without whom this
adventure would not have been possible 1


Besides the conception of the book, this experience was the opportunity to make many exciting and enriching encounters.

I would like to thank all the people without whom this project would not have been possible:

My husband Eric who supported me throughout this project, and strongly contributed to its result.

My children who were my inspiration and my guinea pigs for each visit.

My sisters, my parents and more broadly the family whose votes, the proofreadings contributed to improve the book. Thanks in particular to Marine and Odile who completely reread the courses.

My friends who supported me and especially all those who helped me take off at the beginning. I am thinking in particular of Anne R, Danielle and Philippe L.

Flavie, my faithful friend, who was my final proofreader.

All the families who have tested the courses.

All the people who, through their experience, have helped me in the progress of my project (Céline # coq6grue, Nicolas #calligrammes, all the writers, entrepreneurs, professionals with whom I had the opportunity to discuss , ...)

and of course, Mathieu for his beautiful preface and the 2 great graphic designers with whom I collaborated: Kate on the entire layout of the book and Paola on the illustrations, in particular that of the mascot.

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