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Greenwich Village


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Route available in the Family Way book in NYC

TIPS to visit greenwich village in family

W. Weather indicator: mainly

W. Duration: approx 2 HOURS

W. main theme : DISTRICT OF ART AND



greenwich village ROUTE WITH YOUR famiLY

Welcome to Greenwich Village, also known as “the village” by many New Yorkers.

You will, by following this treasure hunt, discover a place apart in the city, with its small buildings, the layout of its non-rectilinear streets. And especially by the history of its occupants. Indeed, you are in the old district of artists and protesters (American counter-culture), now the student district.

Take advantage of it, you are also in a place conducive to a walk!

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Plan d'un parcours en famille avec enfants à GREENWICH VILLAGE


STEP example
when visiting greenwich village

Come and discover Washington Square park with its musicians, its benches.

Masquotte Family Way Greenwich Village


Testimonial from a family after a visit to greenwich village

3 generations

"A great day out! We explored Greenwich Village as 3 generations, and the route got everyone looking and talking. The kids learned a lot about their surroundings and adults too".


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additional addresses around  GREENWICH VILLAGE: restaurants, museums, must-sees


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