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W. Duration: approx 2h30

W. thematic: History

W.   lower manhattan route

Welcome to New York's historic district: Lower Manhattan.

You will see through this journey that an important part of the history of Manhattan, New York and more generally of the United States has been drawn here. Native Americans, Dutch, English and finally Americans succeeded one another on this land.

Along this route, you will discover New York as a first-rate financial center but you will also be surprised by many other facets of this part of the city and its inhabitants.

Plan d'un parcours en famille avec enfants à Lower Manhattan



in lower manhattan

Étape en famille devant la statue du taureau à Lower Manhattan

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"C'était trop bien, j'ai tellement adoré et j'ai même pas eu mal aux jambes!" 


Misha - 9 ans

"It was so good, I loved it so much and my legs didn't even hurt!" 


Misha - 9 years old


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