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Lower manhattan

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Route available in the Family Way book in NYC

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W. Weather indicator: exclusively outside

W. Duration: approx 2.5 hours

W. main theme : History


LOWER MANHATTAN - FINANCIAL DISTRICT route for your family visit

A tour on the history of New York and its financial district

Welcome to New York's historic district: Lower Manhattan.

You will see through this journey that an important part of the history of Manhattan, New York and more generally of the United States has been drawn here. Native Americans, Dutch, English and finally Americans succeeded one another on this land.

Along this route, you will discover New York as a first-rate financial center but you will also be surprised by many other facets of this part of the city and its inhabitants.

Plan d'un parcours en famille avec enfants à Lower Manhattan
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STEP example
during the visit of LOWER MANHATTAN - financial district

Come and discover the unmissable Wall Street bull

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Testimonial from a family after a visit to lower manhattan - financial district

"C'était trop bien, j'ai tellement adoré et j'ai même pas eu mal aux jambes!" 


Misha - 9 ans

"It was so good, I loved it so much and my legs didn't even hurt!" 


Misha - 9 years old

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additional addresses around  lower manhattan: restaurants, museums, must-sees

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other family activities offered by family way
in LOWer Manhattan - financial district


Battery park à New York

On the occasion of Bastille Day (July 14th holiday), find works made by French people in New York . This is located in Battery Park. It is a question of finding a monument in the effigy of the 1st explorer who discovered the bay of New York.

histoire de New York

New York has changed a lot since the arrival of Dutch settlers in 1624. Did you know that the city was partly built on water ? Did you know that Wall Street literally corresponds to a wall built at that time to protect against attacks? Come and discover thanks to this challenge the first plan of the city of New York, when it was still called New Amsterdam. A challenge in Battery Park will take you to this first map called Plan Castello .

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