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TIPS to visit UPPER Neighborhoods NYC IN family


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W. Duration *: ENV 2H30

W. thematic: behind the scene

Journey through the upper neighborhoods of nyc,  for your family visit


Welcome to the Upper districts!

Through this route, which goes from the Upper West Side to the Upper East Side via Central Park, you will visit a part of the backstage of New York, that is to say a part not only frequented by tourists or workers but above all by locals.

You will find that Central Park, which is located in the heart of these 2 Upper districts, is above all the great garden of New Yorkers, a place of distraction to recharge your batteries when you seek to escape the city. It was also built at their request. The inhabitants then had very little green space, often limited to cemeteries. In the middle of the 19th century, when the city developed at an incredible pace, they demanded the creation of a park like the Bois de Boulogne or Hyde Park.

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when visiting the upper neighborhoods in nyc

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Masquotte Family Way Doorman
Masquotte Family Way Upper NYC


TESTIMONY of a family after a tour of the upper neighborhoods in nyc

"J’ai réalisé le parcours de Central Park avec mes petits fils...

A la fois une redécouverte et l’occasion de profiter de cet immense parc, de découvrir l’histoire de ce lieu, des endroits insolites que je n’imaginais même pas, de flâner dans les allées  sous les arbres et le long des étangs, dans la bonne humeur et l’excitation des enfants à trouver les réponses et résoudre les énigmes. 

Soyez certains que je recommencerai avec mes autres petits enfants... c’est un moment de bonheur familial..."

                                            Anne - une grand mére

"I did the Central Park course with my grandsons...

At the same time a rediscovery and the opportunity to enjoy this immense park, to discover the history of this place, unusual places that I didn't even imagine, to stroll in the alleys under the trees and along the ponds, in the good mood and the excitement of the children to find the answers and solve the enigmas. 

Rest assured that I will do it again with my other grandchildren... it's a moment of family happiness...".


                                            Anne - a great mother

Masquotte Family Way NYC


additional addresses in upper neighborhoods in nyc : restaurants, museums, must-sees

Masquottes Family Way famille en vacances
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